Joachim Saxenborn is a conductor, singer, composer and pedagog from Sweden, educated at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. He is the founder of Saxenborn Singers – an innovative choir with emphasis on the twentieth-century and contemporary music, with whom he has premiered many works of renowned composers. He is also the leader of Tonoptimisterna and Supernovan – a highly succesful choral educational program involving hundreds of singers. He is one of the co-authors of the Book, “The Singing City”.


Mr. Saxenborn has performed as a conductor at several Int.Festivals such as Lund Int. Choral Festival in Sweden, Festival Csillags Zene in Hungary, Performatik Festival in Belgium and Gracelands Festival in Ireland, He has also performed at the Swedish Embassy and Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands and Hungary.


Mr.Saxenborn is a lyrical-baritone with a wide ranging repertoir. He has performed at several Festivals in his country, but also at Wienerbezirkfestwochen in Austria, Spazio Musica festival in Italy and FAOT-International in Mexico. In 2003 he sang in the historical production of J.G.Naumann’s Osiris by Malmö Lyric Ensemble in Copenhagen. In 1998 he was a finalist at the Int. Nico Dostal Competition in Austria. He has performed for radio and television.


Mr.Saxenborn has a particular interest in choral music, and has written music for choirs of all levels. He also composed the music for the films, “Chorspiel” and “Baisse-toi montagne, léve toi vallon” by Ulla von Brandenburg, and most recently he wrote the music for the performance work ”Waheide – how do you pronounce your name?” by Maria Lepistö. His work has been performed in Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Estonia and the UK, and the Films has been displayed at Galleries and Art-centers all over the World.