Joachim Saxenborn is a Swedish choral conductor, concert-, and opera singer, composer, and vocal teacher from Sweden with an international trajectory, educated at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.
Joachim Saxenborn is a Swedish choral conductor, concert,- and opera singer, composer, and vocal teacher with an international trajectory, educated at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. He is an innovative artist equally at home on the concert stage as in avant-garde musical theatre.

Saxenborn is the founder of Saxenborn Singers – an innovative choir with an emphasis on the twentieth-century to contemporary music, with whom he has premiered major works of renowned composers such as, Stefan Klaverdal and Johan-Magnus Sjöberg. In 2022 he founded Ensemble Voyage, specialized in the performance of new music for a cappella setting. Saxenborn has performed at festivals such as Performatik Festival in Belgium, Festival Csillags Zene in Hungary, Gracelands Festival in Ireland and Lund International Choral Festival in Sweden. He has also been invited to perform at the Swedish Embassy and Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands and Hungary. Furthermore he has collaborated with the renowned artist, Ulla von Brandenburg, resulting in mayor theatre performances throughout Europe. He is the leader of a successful choral educational program in his country, and additionally he has held numerous workshops for young aspring choral conductors. He is one of the co-authors of the Book, "The Singing City".

Saxenborn possesses a versatile lyrical baritone and is predestined as a lieder singer. However he also performs opera with great passion for contemporary music theater. On the lied podium he has performed at festivals such as Festival Alfonso Ortiz Tirado in Mexico and Wiener Festwochen in Austria and at several festivals in his country such as, Frödingdagarna, Lindhagafestivalen, Margaretadagarna, Mikaelifesten and Musik på Berga. He premiered the chamber opera "Beredskapsarbetaren" by Jonatan Sersam at Opera Alltet and the sacred opera "Katharina och Martin" by Johan-Magnus Sjöberg - celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Earlier operas to be mentioned are, L'incoronazione di Poppea by C.Monteverdi at Schlossteater Schönnbrunn in Austria and Osiris by J-G Naumann in Sweden as in Denmark together with Malmö Lyric Ensemble. He was finalist and a public prize winner at the 12th International Nico Dostal competition in Austria.

Saxenborn has a particular interest in choral music and has composed and arranged music for choirs of all levels. He also composed the music for the Art films, Chorspiel and Baisse-toi montagne, léve toi vallon by Ulla von Brandenburg, and for the performance work Waheide – how do you pronounce your name? by Maria Lepistö. His work has been displayed and performed at festivals such as Performa 07 in the USA, Gracelands festival in Ireland, Performatik Festival in Belgium, and at venues such as Atlas Museum in Belgium, Pilar Corrias Gallery, and The Common Guild in Great Britain, Contemporary Art Centre in Lettland and at Lilith performance in Sweden.

Saxenborn is a dedicated teacher with more than twenty years of experience. He coaches singers, but also conducts workshops for choirs and singing master classes, often in collaboration with logopedist and voice researcher, Prof. Viveka Lyberg Åhlander. During spring 2024 he will assist a distinguished group of researchers in a study concerning older adult voices.

January 2024