Words written about Joachim Saxenborn

"Two experienced soloists surprised in the final scene: the veteran Karin Mang-Habashi and the baritone Joachim Saxenborn"

Jan Jacoby

"Very interesting was also the final part of the recital by Rocío Olalde and Joachim Saxenborn, dedicated to Viennese operetta arias and duets, sung with ease and, above all, with attention to the prosody of a German who has his own peculiar Austrian inflections."

La Jornada
Juan Arturo Brennan

"Joachim Saxenborn received an ovation for his performance"

Federico Ferrando

"Saxenborn's solid vocal technique and fine stage presence delighted the audience"

La Cronica de baja California
Teresa González Lamas

"His high baritone gave the song a delicate touch"

Skånska Dagbladet
Ingemar Olander

"Papageno was very well characterized"

La Jornada
Juan Arturo Brennan

"It filled the whole studio with the beautiful sound of something that came close to an elegy"

Frieze magazine
Maria Kjaer Themsen

"Joachim Saxenborn’s conducting was precise and with a good sense of the undulating rhythm"

Skånska Dagbladet
Ingemar Olander

"The singing of the choir goes straight to the spine, the open story finds its way into my own memories and evokes images I thought I had forgotten"

Sydsvenska Dagbladet
Oline Stig