Master Classes, Singing teacher, Workshops

Singing teacher and teaching philosophy

Saxenborn is a dedicated singing teacher with over 20 years of experience. His teaching is characterized by clarity and structure. In addition, the student's awareness is in focus. Understanding is just as important as implementation.

Word and tone go hand-in-hand and the voice is always seen as part of a larger context. He believes that every singer can be guided to a better understanding of how to produce a beautiful and meaningful sound. His teaching and singing are rooted in Bel Canto principles of singing.

Master classes in singing

Saxenborn gives Master Classes in singing on a regular basis. Since 2018 he collaborates with the logopedist and voice researcher Prof. Viveka Lyberg Åhlander and together they have created a successful concept.
"You have the ability to reach into the closed rooms of my brain and make me dare to venture out into unknown waters. Brain, breathing, and support seem to slowly find each other and it feels amazing"
Ulla Caverius
"Joachim has outstanding abilities and puts an incredible amount of energy into finding one's voice"
Annette Ris

Choir for a day / Kör för en dag

Give yourself the chance to step into the magical world of choir singing and let yourself be amazed at what result you can achieve in such a short time under the guidance of a skilled and experienced choirmaster.

A unique concept that has given a lot of joy and insight to many. Some of the employers that he has worked with are: Skanska, BNI Star, Hemtjänsten i Skåne, Lomma kommun, Lund kommun, Medborgarskolan and Novisa.
"Joachim Saxenborn makes the most skeptical and tone-deaf people realize that they both can and want to; a brilliant way to create joy and togetherness in a team"
Bitte Sundin och Staffan Sölve
Ledningen för BNI Star Lund
"We are very happy with "Choir for a day"! Perfect team-building exercise"
Carl Engqvist
Skanska på Studio i Malmö

Workshops for choirs

Choirs hire Saxenborn to work with their singing technique. The choirs that hire him are everything from amateur choirs to professional ensembles.

Some of the employers that he has worked with are: Allhelgona motettkör in Lund, Petri Sångare in Malmö, Körkollegiet in Lund, Ungdomskören Con Dios and Maria Magdalenakören in Lund.
"He was able to bring out their voices in a good way and thus the choir sounded deeper and more stable"
Makiko Nakamura-Ottosson
Organist och körledare i Maria Magdalena församling
"What we liked most were your thoughts on breathing techniques and how you expressed yourself in metaphors that made it easier to get a picture of what you meant"
Anna Smålander
Ordförande i Körkollegiet i Lund
"It was very useful and rewarding to listen to each other's voices and notice how things "happened" when you gave us different advice"
Ann-Christin Sjöblom
Petri sångare