• Kung Eriks visor / Ture Rangström, Gustaf Fröding (FAOT) (1/6)
  • En kyss / A Kiss A.Mellnäs (Saxenborn Singers) (2/6)
  • Film Baisse-toi montagne, léve toi vallon by Ulla von Brandenburg. Composer and Conductor, Joachim Saxenborn. Excerpts (3/6)
  • Ich habe genug J.S.Bach (Musik på Berga) Excerpts (4/6)
  • Till Warmth Returns by Lloyd Waclaw Degler. 5/6 Excerpts (5/6)
  • Excerpt from "Waheide - How do you pronounce your name?" by Maria Lepistö. Composer and Conductor, Joachim Saxenborn Excerpts (6/6)